Matilde Magro

Regenerative Designer, Artist, Teacher, Alternative Therapist, and Spiritual Guide.


I’m a student of Social Sciences and Ecology, I’m finishing my education in Design for Sustainability after graduating from Graphic Design. Applying design principles to Regeneration is one of my passions, among many. I’ve been doing Alternative Therapies for 6 years, I have several professional courses and post-graduations on Holistic Therapies and Holistic Psychology, and several professional courses on Education for Children and Adults. I’ve been volunteering all my life in the mental health field and I am now applying my knowledge to helping others with Coaching, Art Therapy, and Somatic Work.

What I’ve been up to recently:

I just finished the UN program Ubuntu United Nations in which I was taught Leadership by the world’s leading Peace Nobel Laureates, and great leaders of today like Mr. António Guterres and Mr. Ramos Horta, among others. It was an honor to be a part of that program. I’m studying for a diploma in Social Sciences and Counselling skills, with an idea for a Masters in Holistic Psychology.

Right now…

I’m teaching a 12-week course on Spiritual Ecology to the India-based platform, Living Conciouslyy, which promotes spirituality as a way of well-being to its members.

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Spiritual Ecology Course – Exploring the Connection to the Earth
for Living Consciouslyy

“I HeART Connections” – Virtual Exhibition for the Art Therapy Institute of North Carolina


“Matilde is a beacon of Love, Light, and Promise in a sometimes dark and challenging world. Her work helps us see ourselves as the Universe does, in a more forgiving and eternal light. I now feel better prepared to enter this new phase in my life. I highly recommend her to help you navigate the seas of your own life.”

– Hudson

“Matilde is a gifted healer with an ability to bring
you back in alignment with your core. Working
with her, I was able to step into my power and
untangle myself from situations that were
affecting my emotional stability for years. She has
built her own unique approach which is quite
impactful. I believe if one trusts her with their
healing, she will leave no stone unturned to ensure
they are benefitted beyond expectations.”

“Sessions with Matilde have been transforming
for me. Her sessions wouldn’t make you
confront your traumas and fears abruptly. She
guides and provides the tools to do that at your
own sweet and comfortable pace. Through her, I
learned to see myself beyond the layers and
external glances. And not just myself, to see the
layered truth around us, beyond the smoke. The
ecological perspective through the lens of
spirituality helped me realize how unfathomable
our inner power is. I highly recommend her to
those willing to hold their own hands, and who
are ready to adopt an inclusive perspective to

ETEMA Artesanal Work

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