Who am I?

I have been working for decades in the area of ​​sustainability. Before the humanitarian uproar in favor of renewable energies, sustainable production and solidarity economies, there was a whole work of local activism in which I participated. For years, I was involved in volunteer projects, within education and health systems, which made me understand life in a different way - the human system is made of people who want to be heard, who agree much more with the future of who think and do their best to transform the world into a better world. 

This connection to the best of humanity made me, from a very young age, want to participate in building a future that encompasses humanity that practices ecology in every breath, that understands that the seriousness of union and peace with nature makes us understand that we do all part of it.

Why do this?

  • Because I help to internalize the historical context in which we live, because I help to improve the world one step at a time, because we live more and more in communion with the need for common sense.
  • Because the world of the future is a world in which ecology plays a central role, and I know that anyone who doesn’t follow this trend will be left behind.

This transitional phase in which we live has all the lobbies of the past wanting to maintain a tradition that has proven time and time again to make the future impossible. Where the financial issue ends up having more weight than the future of a company, a business or a revolutionary idea. Because during the times to come, a lot will change in terms of what’s needed for the future. This transitional phase is making many people nervous and clinging to the past.

I do it, because:

  • Educating on the role of ecology on the historical context we are in, geopolitically and economically, as well as academically and spiritually, and so forth, is ultra-important right now.
  • To be able to help understand how sustainability means that something is sustained for the future.
  • Connecting futurism, systems thinking, social complexity, regenerative design AND urbanism and sustainability… in the client’s own context.

Clinging in the past just makes it impossible for us to live the future, the future with each step, with each breath, with each movement. If we live constantly thinking that the best was before, we lose the possibility of living the best of the future that is already here.

I’m an accomplished professional in Complexity, Ecological Societies, Sustainable Economies and Solidarity Economies, Arts, Integrative Therapies, and Performance. I’m also a teacher, and a meditation and spiritual guide. I do a lot, but it all synchs into a magical transformational purpose to bring us all together.

Want to know me better?

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