Regeneration, what makes sense.

Regeneration – what does it mean, exactly?

As we are healing from the past, fauna and flora alike, we are starting to come to terms with what once was, and in some places still is. Regeneration now, it’s what makes sense.

It means that we’ve begun the process of belonging to the ecosystem and now we must make amends for what’s been done to the planet. It’s quite the task! But everyone is on board this particular trip.


The previous generations were the most ecoconscious, but not always the most conservationist or environmentalist, but a lot of voices have been speaking about how to change the score.

Consciously Ecological Spirituality

To belong, we must understand the culture, and culture comes from planting seeds, also spiritual, behavioral, and thought-wise. Seeds to be planted must come from a place of love – all religions have taught us that.

Consciously Ecological Economies

The economy is turning green! Who said it would be possible in our lifetimes was right! Some of us didn’t believe it, to be honest.

Consciously Ecological Societies

And yes, that is happening. Women, men, and children are becoming ever more eco-conscious. Thank heavens! I was in a meeting with other activists and we couldn’t really believe it! Oh my, what changed in a very few years. 10 years ago you could barely find an organic shop.

Consciously Ecological Understanding

To understand, we must use our hands and body to be in a situation and thrive in it. To understand we need empathy. We need compassion. We need love and affection for being, living and others.

Consciously Ecological Presence

This is the last remaining step of the regenerative period. To be presently ecological and conscious of it at all times.

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