What am I currently doing?

I’m taking 4 courses!

One, I’m with the UN – Ubuntu Leaders Academy, where I’m a Delegate for Portugal and it is to train future leaders on the Nelson Mandela Model.

Two, I’m taking a Masters on Social Innovation by Learning by Helping.

Three, I’m taking a course on Cultural Management.

Four, I’m finishing Gaia’s Education Design for Sustainability course.

And lastly, I’m doing a workshop on Musicalisation for Infants, which is super fun.

Plus, learning how to be a Yoga teacher for kids and adults, I’m taking singing and Ukelele lessons for fun, and some of other smaller types of academics, on art, performance and ecology, and social complexity.


I’m teaching Meditation and Mindfulness and coaching others to support recovery from addiction.

I’m coaching online, on Project for the Earth.

I’m starting a business to open a bistrô.


I’m waiting (fingers crossed) on a call to work with kids with Art, Dance, and Performance!


Plus if you want to talk to me to any of the above or to invite me to work with you:

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