Next up! Two great things ahead…

We’ve been doing this since May last year, but this year we decided to start out with a recorded conversation – later posted on Project for Earth on Facebook, and TimeRepublik Facebook as well. It’s an informal conversation on the topic of the future of spirituality. What does it reserve in terms of what we can contribute as a collective? What are the trends we’re witnessing? And much more…

Second up!

I’ll be lecturing with an invitation by Living Consciouslyy on the subject of Spiritual Ecology… and there’s a beautiful gift to me here, I’ll be teaching on the subject with Living Consciouslyy from February to May! Woooha! I’m so excited to do this.

Living Consciouslyy is an India based Wellness and Spirituality organization with wonderful events and things happening all the time. I even joined their Circle of Wisdom, which is a fabulous reading group. I’m SO joyful to have met them and see the beauty of what they are doing.

Gratefulness is what I feel.

Love and light,


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