Building inter-faith bridges.

Since May 2021 we’ve been gathering for meetings on the topic of Spirituality. It’s been very interesting that for a long time, it was difficult, even taboo to discuss certain subjects and very foreign to discuss different types of spiritual beliefs.

Nowadays is not only easier, as it is very appealing to have conversations on these subjects.

From the time bank, TimeRepublik, we’ve gathered in, at least, 8 meetings to discuss various subjects inside Spirituality, I then write an article about the subject at hand.

You can find the series of articles here.

Last 3 meetings the subject was the future of spirituality and it was interesting to have Rhonda Magee with us, and Niradhara Amma, who runs an Ashram in India.

It’s a very well-built circle of a sort of sangha to discuss topics we are not always at ease at discussing, some heavy conversations and lighter ones have taken place – but all in all, a lot of knowledge has come up from these circles and meetings.

Building inter-faith bridges is not as difficult as it seems, when there’s enough compassionate presence to understand where the other comes from.

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