Building inter-faith bridges.

Since May 2021 we’ve been gathering for meetings on the topic of Spirituality. It’s been very interesting that for a long time, it was difficult, even taboo to discuss certain subjects and very foreign to discuss different types of spiritual beliefs. Nowadays is not only easier, as it is very appealing to have conversations on […]

Ended a cycle, another one begins. So it is!

An old cycle has ended, it was an unexpected turn and beautiful phase of being in training with the UN and Nobel Laureates for Peace, with names like Desmond Tutu and António Guterres, and the President of Portugal, Mr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa as teachers and guides throughout the process. I’m exceptionally grateful for this […]

Next up! Two great things ahead…

We’ve been doing this since May last year, but this year we decided to start out with a recorded conversation – later posted on Project for Earth on Facebook, and TimeRepublik Facebook as well. It’s an informal conversation on the topic of the future of spirituality. What does it reserve in terms of what we […]

What am I currently doing?

I’m taking 4 courses! One, I’m with the UN – Ubuntu Leaders Academy, where I’m a Delegate for Portugal and it is to train future leaders on the Nelson Mandela Model. Two, I’m taking a Masters on Social Innovation by Learning by Helping. Three, I’m taking a course on Cultural Management. Four, I’m finishing Gaia’s […]


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Hi, I’m Matilde. I’m a writer, artist, Regenerative Designer, Permaculture and Biodynamic Specialist, Teacher, Spiritual Guide, and Coach. Here you can find the latest of what I’ve been up to professionally and academically.

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