Regenerative Designing

I help you reach the Regenerative in your ecological project.

Individual Coaching

Consulting or coaching sessions that are based on the principles of Regeneration and “Embodiment” to recognize each person’s natural capacities and identifications, with regard to our primary and secondary regenerative elements. The Regenerative culture is based on transforming the individual to transform their environment into something healthier. This involves a survey of what is necessary to work individually to achieve a state of fullness and self-satisfaction.

Consulting in Design for Sustainability

Based on the concept of De-Urban Design which focuses on contextualizing the urban setting with its ecosystem. Assistance to Institutional or Private teams so that there is an integration of this context, for the best social, ecological, and economic use of a regenerating urban space. It is essential for this “new normal” and the integration of Urbanism in the Circular Economy, to understand and conceptualize what is urban within the ecosystem in which it is inserted.

The work of Design for Regenerative Communities is based on 3 pillars of action: Human, Ecological, and Integrated.

  • In the human context, we work with human-centered design, both in terms of education and creativity.
  • In the ecological panorama, we work on ecological human capacities within the ecosystem through the different ways of working in a regenerative way.
  • The Integrated panorama integrates all of this into the current System in a healthy way, in order to reduce problematic loads and a greater understanding and compassion for the needs of escape and anger that sometimes cloud and destroy communities.

The application of Regenerative Communities Design can be done both in Communities and Ecovillages with alternative ways of life, as in Urban and Rural organization contexts.

You can book an online session to discuss what you’ll need, and see if we’re a fit for one another. The first session is 20€.

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