Alternative Therapies

Integration between wellbeing and a regenerative self.

Currently only doing online sessions.

Body-based consciousness

Here you will find the services available relating to body-based consciousness. Clearly interconnected with the body, mind, and spirit, they are especially focused on dealing with bodily issues such as pain, general discomfort, anxiety, or other types of problems.

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Embodiment Session
Sending Distance Reikifree (use contact form)
Relaxation Shiatsu
Dance and movement
Mindful movement healing
Somatic Healing for Trauma

Mindful stability

Dreams are born from the mind, and if we don’t know how to dream our lives beyond the present moment, we don’t know how to be at ease with our surroundings. Learning to live fully with our minds is essential to a life of well-being.

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Meditation classDonation-based, min. 10€
Guided Visualization
Art Therapy Session
Mindfulness for adults
Mindfulness for kids
Art Therapy for kids


The spiritual part of our lives is often relegated to what we think is a lack of interest or understanding, and this sometimes causes an overwhelming sense of existential emptiness. The help of someone trained in the area helps you find your own path and take it step by step, aware of what it is like to be alive on this beautiful planet we call home.

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Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching, which includes:
– Purpose and Happiness Coaching
– Soul Alignment Coaching
– Shadow Work Coaching
– Mentoring in Alternative Therapies, Spirituality, Existential Well-being
One on one teaching/mentoring
Shamanic Healing
Session of Ho’oponopono (group discount, contact for more information)
Energetic Psychology Session
Hypnosis for Spiritual Awakening and Healing
Tarot Healing Session Donation-based, min. 10€

“Matilde is a beacon of Light, Love and promise in a sometimes dark and challenging world. (…) I now feel better prepared as I enter this phase in my life. I would highly, highly recommend her to help you navigate the seas of your own life.”

Hudson O’Keefe – USA


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