Different workshops for people who are changing

Embodied Change

The first transformation is an inside-out transformation. It is a root transformation in the body that shifts to the changing society. Playing, moving the body, breathing, and knowing how to communicate are the roots of this workshop, which is shown in groups through performative expression, dance, and play, meditation, and mindfulness.

Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness workshop in a work context to facilitate creativity, calm, and the wisdom of knowing how to do it at every step. Mindfulness increases work productivity by 800% with fewer office hours. It is also an excellent tool for conflict resolution, whether personal or in teams.

Art Therapy for those who can’t do art

In groups or individually, learn to stimulate creativity and help with problems such as nervousness, anxiety, sadness, etc. We learn several different media techniques to stimulate creative ways to solve problems.

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I have a professional degree in Early Childhood Education and a post-grad in Art Therapy, also have studied childhood musicality, and I promote creativity among the youngest. I think it’s important that they learn from an early age to express themselves through art and the artistic and expressive movement.

Children are naturally-born artists, and it is through this ability that they become sensitive, human and wholesome adults.

Each workshop takes 5 sessions and costs 150€.

You can book a session through this form (Groups have a 20% discount per person)

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